Art Token launches Hangeul

Online non-fungible token art trading platform Art Token on Monday released NFT works based on Hangeul calligraphy, in commemoration of Hangeul Day that celebrates the invention of the Korean alphabet.

“Shoot Shoot Shoot Goal Goal Goal” and other works were created by calligrapher Park

Byung-chul and converted into 3D digital art. NFT art is entirely digital artwork that is tokenized to be stored on the blockchain.

Park's NFT works were released on 2R2, an online global art trading platform run by Art Token.

According to the 2R2 homepage, the "Vertical Hangul" series represents the uplifting spirit of victory through Hangeul, along with drawings of the tiger and magpie that have special meanings in Korean tradition: tigers symbolize protection from bad luck, while magpies are bearers of good news.

Park is a renowned calligrapher in South Korea and an art director for company called Hangeul Planet that has held Hangeul calligraphy events across the world since 2015. “I think the collaboration with Art Token’s NFT Studio has allowed more variety in Hangeul’s image, resulting in a work that anyone could enjoy. I’m curious to how the world would react (to my work),” he said.

Park’s recently released works are the first part of Art Token’s Hangul NFT Art series, which the company’s CEO Hong Ji-suk said was propelled by worldwide interest in Korean art and culture. She stressed that the series would boost interest in Korean art.